Eye Rescue makes a difference

While many people choose to spend their free time and holidays with family and friends, we have decided to spend ours making a difference. Several times a year, we travel to some of the world’s poorest countries to help blind people regain their sight.

There are around 44 million blind people in the world, costing the global economy more than DKK 133 billion a year in lost revenue. But worst of all, it is a great tragedy for the affected people and their families.

In a poor country, one man’s labour can feed an entire family. Therefore, the sudden blindness of one member of the family can be a death blow to the family. Most often, blindness in the poor is a complication of diabetes and other similar diseases. We are therefore very successful in saving their sight by, for example, implanting artificial lenses so that they can see again.

We do this work from the heart. That’s why all donations go towards equipment, medicine and travelling expenses.

Eye Rescue in numbers

years (established in 2006)


number of eyes saved

donated glasses

as well as treatment of a high number of common eye diseases


We support with our time, holidays and
expertise but only with your support, we can raise the funds to restore sight to poor, blind people.


In a poor country, one man’s labor can feed an entire family. Therefore, blindness can be catastrophic. Our help is worth its weight in gold for these families.

Social responsibility

We are passionate about making a difference for those who cannot afford or have the opportunity to do so themselves. We act globally and take social responsibility.

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The video shows pictures from one of our expeditions to La Romania in the Dominican Republic.

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